About me


I am specialized in the art of Scagliola and in the technique of the Florentine mosaic made by hard stones and marbles.

I design and manufacture different types of creations, from tables and panels to small interior decors and jewellery, also on commission.
I am available for restorations too.

The art of Scagliola has always fascinated me.
Few years ago I started working with my father, which is also a Florentine artisan.
From him I have inherited everything I know about this technique, and in 2016 I decided to open my own workshop, with the ambition to carry on the family tradition and to develop my personal vision and projects.


My techniques


Scagliola technique

The selected subject is sketched on a sheet of slate, marble, or scagliola stone itself, which is then engraved. The incision is filled with a paste called “mistura” (a mix of selenite powder, natural glue and natural pigments). When the mistura is dried, the piece is smoothed by using a pumice stone to reveal the variety of color shades. Then, further engravings are realized to make the embellishment even more detailed. The technique ends with a manual polishing process using wax or a feather-brush.

Curiosity: the selenite naturally comes in scales (“scaglie”) in Italian, that’s why the technique is called “scagliola”. Scagliola is also called “moonstone”. 

Florentine mosaic technique

The Florentine mosaic is not created by using tiles; each piece is cut and assembled in order to create a subject by following a design template. All sections of hard stone and marble are smoothed, placed side by side and glued in such a way to recreate the specific design. Once all sections are assembled together, the entire surface is smoothed and polished.

Curiosity: During the “Macchiatura” phase of the technique, specific parts of the stone sheets are selected because of their colors and shades, in order to obtain a specific final result for the selected design. 

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